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Shopping is an activity. A leisure pursuit inside an economic exercise, driven by desire.

Shopping has always been a process undertaken by the consumer.

- Either browsing an inventory in a store.
- Or seeking out a product from an online retailer.

A major factor of shopping today is convenience.

Shoppers today primarily use web search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo or search for products direct in Amazon or eBay. While this has proven very lucrative for the search engines, the consumer experience is inefficient and sterile.

To make shopping more convenient the time is right to supplant the search process from browsing or seeking to include a new paradigm of nominating what we are in the market for, and letting technology find sellers who best match each nomination for our consideration.

With the proposition flipped, shopping can now be a direct invitation from the consumer through an exchange to every interested retailer in pursuit of a sale.

- Brring is all about convenience.
- Brring centers around you.
- Active buyers meet active sellers.

Brring company purpose

Brring wants to make it easier to find & buy homeware
Brring is a personal shopper for your home



Brring empowers buyers to nominate products they are actively interested in, matching them to sellers who then bid for those invitations. This revolutionary approach empowers the consumer like never before. It is the online equivalent of walking into a store and being served by the very best shop assistants.

In this disruptive model, brands and retailers await invitations from hot prospects who are in the market and actively looking for a specific product or service. Brring does not require any awareness or interruptive advertising because here the people are not being targeted. It is the other way around. The consumer dictates what they need from retailers by creating invitations.

Brring is a symbiotic exchange between consumer desire and advertising they actively want to see. Invitation Marketing is warmly anticipated by buyers, who look forward to receiving messages from sellers because they are highly relevant and something they have physically requested.


1. Matches active buyers with appropriate sellers
2. Provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact

The Brring system

Brring is a software solution that consists of:

- A mobile app for buyers that allows them to create, send and manage product invitations to sellers

- A bid/offer exchange platform to match buyers with the most appropriate sellers based upon user profiles, transaction data and the Brring Graph

- A mobile app for sellers to respond, manage and fulfill product invitations from buyers


The Brring matching engine

The Brring matching engine (BME) is the technology heart of the system. It matches buyers invitations with the most suitable sellers on Brring.

The BME uses real-time data signals with historic transaction history to deliver a tiered selection of matches that the buyer can review.


How invitation marketing works

In today’s environment push based ‘broadcast’ marketing is broken, instead consumers wish to pull information as and when they need it. Brring has invented a new form of marketing called 'Invitation Marketing' that inverts the common orientation of product to consumer promotion techniques used over the last 50 years. On the Brring platform, consumer desire drives an Invitation Marketing model as the core aspect of the customer experience.

Vendors on the Brring Exchange cluster around each Target feed.



Busy people do not have time to search and browse multiple eCommerce sites in pursuit of designer homeware and furniture. They want to be served as if they walked into a store.

Search is useful for commodity products like consumer electronics. However it is onerous and clunky when you’re looking for specific styles or needs.

In Store
Customers use conversation to tells store assistants what they are looking to buy - they are then presented with the most suitable product.

Customers don’t get any human assistance so they use a mixture of search engines and shopping apps to replace the shop assistant.




Brring enables buyers to request designer products and invite sellers to approach them with suitable offers

This disruptive approach empowers the buyer like never before.

It is the online equivalent of walking into a store and being served by several shop assistants.

Brring is your personal shopper for designer homeware and furniture.


The Brring Matching Engine (BME) is the technology heart of the system. It matches buyers invitations with the most suitable sellers on Brring.

The BME uses real-time data signals with historic transaction history to deliver a tiered selection of matches that the buyer can review.



Brring reverses an outdated eCommerce model by allowing buyers to hold a conversation with sellers.

We call it conversational commerce.

"I’m looking for..."



There are many apps and services that help users create their ‘Shopping Hack’ but none appear to offer an invitational bid/offer interaction platform in home design.

Here are some businesses that offer similar services in the conversational UI / Request market

Magic app
Go Butler
Facebook M
Much Better Adventures


Market Size - Buyer

Our ideal buyers are busy professional homeowners who don’t have enough time to search for top end designer homeware and furniture

Ideal demographic:
25-45 years old
Property owner (house or flat)
Disposable income
Employed / Running House
Smartphone App user

Market Size - Seller
Our ideal sellers are designers and home design stores - both physical and on the high street

Ideal Stores:
Categories: home, furniture, garden, interior design, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
SME or Chain


Choosing a main brand colour for the buyer side

PURPLE (Primary) Inspiration, Intuitive, Imaginative, Luxury, Creativity, Expressive, Education, Magic, Wealth.

PURPLE (Secondary) Destiny, Abundance, Ambitious, Ceremony, Romantic, Fantasy, Nobility, Healthy, Happy, Wisdom, Elegance, Sophistication, Powerful, Stylish, Decadent, Thrilling, Maturity, Playful.

LIGHT BLUE (Primary) Discovery, Balance, Authority, Understanding, Empathy, Friendliness, Patient.

LIGHT BLUE (Secondary) Calm, Confident, Power, Success, Security, Trust, Peaceful, Openess, Practicality, Positive, Clean.

DARK BLUE (Primary) Reliability, Dependable, Smart, Professionalism, Credible, Strong, Integrity.

DARK BLUE (Secondary) Tranquility, Deep thinking, Purification, Grace, Belief, Stability, Classic, Corporate, Business.


Choosing a main brand colour for the buyer side

Goethe’s color specific highlights

Red: "The effect of this colour is as peculiar as its nature. It conveys an impression of gravity and dignity, and at the same time of grace and attractiveness. History relates many instances of the jealousy of sovereigns with regard to the quality of red. Surrounding accompaniments of this colour have always a grave and magnificent effect."

Blue: "As a hue it is powerful - but it is on the negative side, and in its highest purity is, as it were, a stimulating negation. Its appearance, then, is a kind of contradiction between excitement and repose. As the upper sky and distant mountains appear blue, so a blue surface seems to retire from us."


Future casting traditional media support to maintain user adoption and take up of the service.


Brring is an early adopter in providing technology to support Conversation UI business models.

Brring will launch its first vertical in the top end furniture and house design market.

© 2001 - 2016 Stuart J Wilson