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The objective was simple: get footballers to get out there and play.
Nike is well known for giving people the right equipment they need to compete successfully, so the challenge for this project was how to make the Internet relevant.


All you need to play football are two teams and a ball.
Often, the ball is the easy bit. Finding someone else to play with can be the difficult part.


A service that enabled players to play.
At its core, the Nike London site provided unique services that brought footballers together and compete.
It helped them to enjoy the sport.
Speed, usability and intuitive interface construction were central to developing a positive experience. won a Gold ICVA Design Award.

We'd given the Park Football community the inside track on the best places to play so we decided to create a Team directory for opposition teams to contact each other and set up matches. We even went one stage further and allowed individual players to advertise themselves to prospective teams. They could show their email address, age, position and what part of London they live. This database was searchable along each category to find the perfect player if your team was a man short.
We decided to give the visitors a takeaway with a screensaver that played classic pong football automatically but would allow the user to join in and play the computer on request.
At the time of launch the Niketown store in London was about to open and another part of the campaign was to hold the Park Football Awards in that venue along with other activity which needed advertising.
Another piece of content to entertain and engage was a Park Football game called Rush Keeper.
The premise was that you and your friends are playing Park Football in London's Hyde Park and a Park Keeper takes exception to your antics and begins chasing you out of the park. Using the keyboard you have to kick your ball over various objects, jump over them yourself and exit the park without the Park Keeper catching you.
The pitch work produced to win the online work.
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