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Dream Drum Awards - 60 word overview of Market View

Market View: Campaign’s Private View meets Gogglebox. A content platform to promote the values and personality of independent creative agency ZAK. Weekly episodic videos through 2016 have been released featuring market traders of London’s Leather Lane reviewing the ads featured in Campaign’s Private View. Released every Friday it combines ZAK’s challenger mentality with the honest opinions of real people.

Dream Drum Awards - 250 word executive summary of Market View

We’re ZAK. We’re a down to earth independent creative agency and we live on Leather Lane. Its an east end market full of colourful, likeable characters selling everything from underwear to Falafels.

Obviously we’re not in the same business as the market traders but we all have something in common that we need to survive - and that’s self promotion.

We’re small and people don’t know us. We need to make ourselves famous to attract new business and the best talent as we grow.

We make great branded content for our clients so we wanted to demonstrate our capabilities to our industry and any brand owners on social media.

So we invented a content platform to show what we’re all about.

Since May 2016 we’ve created weekly episodic YouTube video content with the market owners. Released every Friday it combines our challenger mentality with their honest and diverse opinions.

Market View reminds us that we’re in the business of selling. We see Campaign’s ‘Private View’ every week with creatives analysing creative work. We’re asking, what do the real people of Leather Lane think of the ads?

In a nutshell Market View is Campaign’s Private View meets Gogglebox.

So when Private View launches we take their featured ads and sit market traders down in front of them. We film as they watch, comment and react in real-time as only real people do. This brutal realism helps us promote our ‘Agents of Change’ offer as an alternative to the traditional adland slant.

Market View has provided 170% uplift in engagement and over 8000 new profile visits so far.

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