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Coca-Cola Email Football
Football is the 'world game' and Coca-Cola is the brand name of the world's biggest selling soft drink, so it is hardly surprising that the two have become closely linked. By broadening its football strategy across the communications mix i.e. from International through to grass-roots and the community, Coca-Cola has strengthened its position as a football insider and this helps to build the brand and corporate reputation of Coca-Cola.

What is Email Football?
It’s a ‘sleeping’ game that means participation can be set to time and place. You can play it when you choose but you can also be called upon to play at any given moment. So always have your email and phone switched on. You and four friends join up as a team and play football through email commands by bouncing passes, shots or saves on to the email football server. The server decides what happens next and emails are sent back to the players. The emails continue until one team scores more and wins the game, moving up the email football league. The top two teams from each division go into a play off and the winning team all get tickets to the final of Euro2004.

Control Centre
The control centre is part of the front end menu items.
Anyone of the team members can log in (username & password) and change the following preferences:
1) Team Member Player’s Positions (GK, DF, MD, ST)
2) Substitutes/Drones
3) Terms/Instructions/Rules
4) Email Alert Preferences
5) SMS Alert Preferences
6) Forum (Changing room chat) Preferences

Coke bottle caps containing unique codes will be used in the same way as a ‘Joker’ or some form of ‘Power up’. For example, the goalkeeper buys a coke and inputs the code and his goal kick turns into a thunder bolt shot. He scores.
Once in the Email Football League each captain can organise fixtures by contacting other teams in the league. This initial email offers the receiving captain the options to decline or accept based on the statistical strength of the team wanting a game.
Mid game, an opportunity to score is given to Steve Darnell of Joe's Giants. The goalkeeper receives his email instructing him of the current situation in game and his current set of options.
At the same time as the goalkeeper is informed Steve Darnell, the Joe's Giants' striker, finds out the current state of play and from his options chooses to enter the game and start the clock.
If the Cavalry goalkeeper decides to enter the game and start the clock this would be the game screen he would see and interact with to choose his next move from the dropdown menus.
If Steve Darnell, the Joe's Giants' striker, decides to enter the game and start the clock this would be the game screen he would see and interact with to choose his next move from the dropdown menus.
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