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Work for the most exciting engineering company in the world

Shell is the home of some incredible engineering achievements: from the world's
deepest offshore platform, to the world's biggest gas-to-liquids plant, and the
world's first floating liquid natural gas facility.

We wanted to announce the launch of our campaign to recruit world-class
engineers with a striking new campaign at Aberdeen airport - a major transit
hub for oil and gas engineers travelling to and from the rigs and plants of the
North Sea and beyond.

Our aim? To achieve some positive disruption, catching people's eyes as they
passed through the airport by celebrating the achievements of engineers and
reminding them that Shell really is the most exciting place for them to work
in the world.

The thinking

In a specialised business like engineering for the oil and gas industry, your
career is enhanced by the status of the different projects you work on.

So we wanted to prove to candidates that a role at Shell could be a significant
boost to their career by giving them the opportunities they were looking for to
work on innovative, industry-leading projects.

That's not all. We wanted to make sure our audience understood the esteem in
which engineers are held at Shell. Technical innovation has always been
fundamental to our business, and we recognise that the engineers who work on
these incredible feats are crucial to our success

The campaign

With a campaign focused on Shell's most impressive engineering achievements,
our visual approach was to show off those achievements in the most exciting
ways we could.

So we set about dramatising a single key feature of each project - its depth, or
its scale, for example. Taking inspiration from the styling of classic movie
posters, we used unusual, dynamic perspectives and dramatic lighting effects.

And through a mix of digital photographic design and the poster artist's hand,
we created a re-imagined, larger-than-life vision of each case study.

The result is a campaign that makes engineers into heroes, and rightly
celebrates the projects they work on at Shell as wonders of the modern world.

And who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

© 2001 - 2013 Stuart J Wilson