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In line with Trinny's vision to support the revolutionary change of how women will buy, use and wear make up in the future, Hiveworks are collaborating with Trinny and her TMM team to design and build a mobile-first eCommerce website.

The purpose of the website is threefold

1. Our omnichannel approach allows the customer to live the TMM experience as if she were in-store. As a transactional gateway, it will also bridge payments, distribution of vouchers, gifting and an innovative auto-replenish function.

2. It delivers outstanding customer engagement and sales through a truly personalised experience. It will encourage individuals to return for additional recommendations, support and inspiration, while sharing the results.

3. Ultimately the website delivers the consultative sale. It surrounds the customer with original relevant content, delivered to them right when they need it. This approach is suited to Trinny's brand of honesty, truthfulness and simplicity.

Honesty and simplicity incorporated into every interaction

All of the above will be underpinned by Trinny's three brand pillars of personalisation, truth and ease. The website will be accessible with simple navigation, easy checkout and visual clarity. It is Trinny herself that is a key differentiator here in the online execution of her service. This website acts as an extension of her values and as a digital artefact of her 20 years of experience. We make it as easy as possible to understand the why, how and where to try, buy and experience a Trinny Micro Makeover.

Finding a common language for women

The TMM website is designed as a dialogue with our customer. It is a collection of best-in-beauty recommendations, tutorials and tips presented by Trinny and her team in an honest, practical and humorous way. This content will cover the beauty topics women face at every life stage and the experience will feel like talking with a friend.

Personalisation is everything

A typical TMM website user journey begins with the Match2Me profiling tool. By going through this piece of functionality the customer will identify her unique SHE® index. A SHE® index is a combined value measurement of her skin tone (S), her hair colour (H) and the colour of her eyes (E). By obtaining these key customer attributes at this early stage in the user journey a fundamental part of the Trinny Micro Makeover offering is now complete and the customer can now benefit from a personalised recommendation and experience. After the customer's Match2Me SHE® palette is revealed she enjoys the benefits of her personalised stack and TMM recommendations. Our customer can now manage her beauty needs and requirements.

Auto-replenish offering within the platform

Auto-replenish is something new and innovative within the category that sits under the Ease brand pillar. It gives peace of mind to our returning opt-in customer that she won't run out of her favourite make-up unexpectedly. She will be able to stay in control of her daily make-up look when managing her beauty needs. For TMM it allows greater foresight of sales and ongoing customer relationship management

Payment & Dispatch

We will provide a mobile-first optimised online payment process that incorporates the only interactions necessary. As with the entire TMM experience, payment and dispatch will go beyond convenience to make the whole process easy, enjoyable and seamless.

Sharing the story

Baked into the platform will be the opportunity for sharing and engagement across expected social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter developing communities around the TMM SHE® palettes. The social strategy will incorporate Q&A webcasts, discussion boards and even scheduled Face-to-face beauty consultations on an integrated platform such as Google Hangouts.

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