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Relaunch Prudential as more than an insurance and pensions provider, fostering a sense of trust between the Pru and the public.


People buy from people they trust. We knew that the public loved 'The Man from the Pru' - as they affectionately called the recently abolished direct sales force. If we could rekindle the public's special relationship with the Prudential, we knew sales would result.


An integrated campaign called, 'The Plan from the Pru', which aimed to help people plan every aspect of their finances. Its disarmingly human, straightforward tone was unique in the sector - and, as we knew they would, the public loved our new approach.

Crucially for this brand-focused campaign, awareness and attitudinal shifts exceeded targets. What's more, web hits trebled and telephone responses and sales increased dramatically.

Cannes Lions Direct:
Gold - The Plan from the Pru (Financial)

Money Marketing Financial Services:
Winner - The Plan from the Pru (Campaign of
the year)
The mini money book (Consumer DM)
The Plan from the Pru (IFA campaign)

DMA International Echo Awards:
Silver - The Plan from the Pru

New Media Age Effectiveness Awards:
Gold - Plan from the Pru website (Financial services)

DMA Awards:
Silver - The Plan from the Pru (Financial Services)
Bronze - The Plan from the Pru (Copy)

US DMA Echo Awards: The Plan from the Pru

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