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The establishment is the unexceptional. The pack runs together. We are the new hunter-gatherers. Innovative. Agile. Adaptive. Relentlessly evolving versions of our selves - better every session, every game, every race. Revolutionising the conventional. Radicalizing the traditional. Unleashing the unorthodox.
Because we are the new order.


It is more than just improvement.
It is the fire and drive that connects all athletes.
It is your reason for being, your reason for doing.
It is how you feel when you have been bitten by the bug of your sport.
It is runner jealously.
It is endorphin buzz.
It is your mind as much as your body.
It is the longing and desire to get out there again.
It is the relentless hunger to improve.
It is that gnawing feeling inside of you.
It is gender neutral.
It is sport agnostic.
It is universal.


We need to create an emotional, not just rational, response to this work. People need to feel what beta means to them (and us). Our work should elicit an emotional response - be that happiness, amazement, inspiration, exhilaration or warmth.

Strong emotional responses will get people sharing our content. Emotional communication has been proven to be far more effective, than rational or combined.

We're not here to EXPLAIN it,
we want people to FEEL it.

© 2001 - 2016 Stuart J Wilson