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Haagen-Dazs invented the category of luxury ice cream for adults. They ushered in a new age in which ice cream could be exclusive, prestigious, sophisticated and even sexy - which was grasped upon in the late 80's advertising campaigns from Bartle Bogle Hegarty - who created the memorably raunchy ’Couples’ press campaign.
Although the direction of Haagen-Dazs advertising through the 90's had moved away from the suggested use of the product in sexually oriented scenarios, during the development of this project we decided to revisit that relationship with the product because of a web-savvy late teen, early twenties, predominantly female target audience.
The ATL component of this campaign uses models to represent a percieved personality within each flavour of ice cream. The only tangible piece of information to the audience is an email address for that particular model i.e. This teaser should entice people to either send an email to the model or to truncate
By engaging with the either element of the teaser, the audience has decided to play their part in this story.If Chip is emailed then he will flirtatiously respond by email and will continue to correspond until the audience member chooses to opt out.
Even though we knew our target audience were predominantly female in their late teens, early twenties, we had to develop a route to satisfy a male audience. A seperate entry point of was established.
At this early stage of the campaign, all the various flavours would appear seperately on all outdoor media, with as much frequency as possible.
The destination is referred to as Ice Cream Heaven and all the models that have been teasing offline are presented as various flavours and the Haagen-Dazs logo gives the game away. Each flavour has a Diary, Goodies to give away, A little black book to data capture, A Giveaway section and a chance to meet the model on a Hot Date.
If these five flavours don't take your fancy you can 'Find your fantasy flavour' and mix one up yourself.

There's also a members only area, chat rooms and competitions revolving around the flavours.
Once engaged with a particular flavour the audience can find out more about them by visiting their Diary and reading up about them, not to mention the various photos. They can try to win Goodies by teasing Chip with a pot of cold Haagen-Dazs poured up and down his body. If you want to get closer to Chip then leave your details in his little black book so he can get in touch with you later. His Giveaway section may partner up with Orange Wednesdays and get two pots of Haagen-Dazs for the price of one when you go on a date to the cinema. Why not try to meet the model on a Hot Date perhaps at the Haagen-Dazs shop in Leicester Square? Or text "Hi Chip" to 84332 and chat to Chip right now.
If you wanted to get closer to Chip and left your email address in his little black book he may choose to introduce you to another flavour over an email.
If you told Chip when your birthday is then he might turn up in an email wearing only his birthday suit.
Later in the year Chip may turn up in your inbox wearing his latest leather jacket and offer you the chance to get free tickets to London Fashion Week.
During the Wimbledon fortnight the model may turn up outside court number one in a Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Van selling Strawberries and Ice Cream.
At the bottom of each tub of each flavour like Cookie Dough Chip are more mobile treats that once redeemed will get you closer to your favourite flavour.
Another idea would be to place bluetooth technology into Haagen-Dazs fridges in public places, like the supermarket or the cinema foyer. If each fridge was connected to the internet then the blutooth technology could sniff passing mobile phones and if the telephone number is registered on the website with a particular flavour, then a bluetooth message from that flavour could be dispatched to the unsuspecting customer.
Here are a few examples of the types of messsage that Chip might send from a bluetooth fridge.
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