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Samsung wanted to raise the profile of their uPlus interface which is used across the range of Samsung mobile. This was for two reasons; to aid a purchase decision and secondly to explain the features to a potential or existing customer. The project was actually a product demo.
We decided that if we put the product functionality into a context then it's usefulness would be amplified and the product demonstration would be more memorable if played out within a narrative. So we decided to present a short story in six parts about a group of friends who are also Chelsea football fans travelling to Barcelona to watch a European game. We chose this storyline because of Samsung's affiliation with Chelsea Football Club.
First of all is 'Setting Off' where our main character is deciding which shirt to wear for the game, the black one or the white one. This turns out to be an analogy for the Black UI or the White UI available to Samsung mobile users on uPlus.
The Black UI is then demonstrated how to enable on the uPlus interface.
The White UI is then demonstrated and explained with instructions to enable.
Next is 'Meeting Up' at the airport. Our main character arrives at the airport late, has to pay the taxi driver, grab his hand luggage and find out where his friends are asap.
uMenu explains how to make your own shortcut to your favourite functions, saving you time and giving you ultra convenience.
On 'Touching Down' at Barcelona airport our main character switches on his mobile and sees the phone adapt to his surroundings in Spain.
The uGo adaptive user interface is then explained. La Sagrada Familia can clearly be seen as the phone's new background image.
During the 'Pre-match build up' the friends enjoy a coffee outside on the street. The Samsung mobile is left on the table and a thief takes his opportunity to steal the phone.
uTrack explains how once the thief removes the SIM card, an SMS is sent from the phone to another number of your choice. The message contains the telephone number which can then be traced, giving you more chance to recover the stolen phone.
At the 'Final Whistle' there is success for Chelsea and our main character wants to send the good news via SMS to a family member back home.
Vivid text messaging allows the user to embellish an SMS with emoticons or to animate a message in various different ways to add meaning as the words are displayed by the recipient.
Once outside the stadium the friends bluetooth exchange various images and video they have recorded during the run up to and the game itself.
The Cookie crumb navigation shows how to set up a shortcut navigation to swap media using bluetooth with the nearest devices.
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