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The Sony VAIO is designed to travel with world class engineering on the inside, and on the outside too. It is an object of desire. The new styling means greater ease of use in any position.
Perfect for busy people on the move, a lightweight tough and durable carbon fibre design, plus G-Sensor hard drive shock protection, this computer can withstand the most demanding of environments. And if the VAIO is damaged within the first 90 days there is a free support service from Sony.
There are so many benefits to owning this laptop that the primary reason of how gorgeous the object is becomes secondary to how many features there are under it's surface. Hence the copyline 'Now beauty is more than just skin deep'.
The brief was to take a business professional from an online ad presenting the various benefits, through to a microsite where they would sign up for more information through a mechanism that would also pester their IT manager as to why their business needed to buy a Sony VAIO.
The VAIO is now more reliable than ever, the feature Hard Disk Drop Protection freezes your notebook before it hits the ground therefore protecting your valuable data. A skyscraper format is perfect for presenting this feature.
At the entrance to the microsite the user is confronted by deep rippling water, like being far out to sea.
There are two simple entry points, one for entering a competition and the other to 'Go Deeper'.
On the way down there are a series of data capture questions to establish the needs and the wants of the potential VAIO customer.
As the laptop appears in the distance at it's deepest point, a series of data capture forms confront the user. This will establish an email to pester their IT manager.
Once arrived at the laptop the user has reached the main homepage and can take a look around each section before arriving at a purchasing decision.
This will be the pester email that the IT manager will receive. The sender information is not from Sony but from the professional within the same company.
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