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Adidas had launched two new shoes: the AdiStar Control, and the Supernova. Our brief was to create point of purchase, and other advertising, that drove sales europe-wide.


The technology of the shoes was impressive. Both featured a proprietary Ground Control System that absorbed horizontal forces by actively adapting to the type of the surface. But runners don't care about technology per se. They care about how the technology can help them perform.


We showed runners why the technology was important rather than just focusing on the technology. And, since this was a pan-european campaign, we came up with an idea that would translate europe-wide - 'because the world's not flat'. We also created designs that emphasised the shoes' texture in an arresting way - and that stopped runners in their tracks.

We created a seamless shopping experience, starting with one of the first expandable banners to become a 'website in a banner'. This allowed runners to reserve shoes in a sports shop from the banner and then go to the store to try them on later. When they arrived in the shop, they would see consistent branding on the walls and floors to reinforce our message and help close the sale.
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