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Create a new corporate banner campaign to launch Shell's new 'let's go' proposition.


Our bull's eye audience was thought leaders - academics, governments, journalists and NGOs. In short: time-pressed people. We therefore needed sharp and snappy communications that would create instant impact.


An attention-grabbing banner campaign that got results. Overall, the campaign delivered 64,067 clicks, with a click-through rate of 0.18% (over double the CTR of the previous corporate campaign, which was 0.07%, and almost double our target of 0.10%).

So far, 51,757 have visited our Let's Go site, with our homepage takeover on The Washington Post generating 716 clicks in just one day.

Shell Let’s Go Online Display Ads:

Blind 160x600
Blocks 300x250
Join 728x90
Laser 728x90
Stretch 728x90

Shell CO2 Webchat Online Display Ads:

Planet Earth 160x600
Hands Up 160x600


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