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The Carbon Trust helps companies cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialise low carbon technologies. We were invited to pitch - and prove to companies that working with the Carbon Trust made business sense.


UK businesses may talk green. But they'd only act green if the Carbon Trust presented them with a compelling business case.


Speak the language of business by speaking the language of money. Our idea focused on the wasted opportunity for companies who did not get on board with the Carbon Trust.

We reinforced our message with the catchy Ian Drury track 'what a waste' and used the authoritative Bernard Hill as a presenter since our research showed he resonated with our business audience. We also provided calculators so companies could see how much money they could save.

So were we successful? The Carbon Trust certainly thought so, describing our campaign as "arresting and compelling" - and awarding us the below-the-line and digital accounts worth £1.5 million.

The online advertising replicated the ATL story by placing business people at the centre of the action. The smoke overlay tracks your cursor - so you're in control. When you get close to finding a solution by moving towards the banners, the smoke disappears. When you choose to do nothing, the smoke appears, obscuring the content. What a waste.
These banners also track your cursor
- with lights that turn on or off depending on the movement of your cursor.
These banners are right on the money.
Expandable cost calculators, they give businesses an insight into how much money the Carbon Trust could save their company.
Business decision makers are time poor.
With this expandable we enabled them to quickly
and effortlessly apply without leaving the website they're on.
These are emails that we sent to new and existing business people on the launch of the campaign.
The most effective way to communicate with business people is to talk to them where they are. That's why we proposed sponsoring a carbon-emissions focused FT newsletter that clicked through to our campaign microsite.
We'll also drive traffic to our campaign microsite from the Carbon Trust website homepage.
Many businesses would want to know more before implementing Carbon Trust initiatives. So we proposed breakfast meetings organized through our site. These would establish who the Carbon Trust is, the legal responsibilities that business have and the opportunities presented by a low-carbon economy.

To create standout and give the sense that everyone was talking about carbon emissions, we used a speech bubble mnemonic.
We continued to use our speech bubble mnemonic to persuade users to sign up.
This is a calculator so businesses could effortlessly calculate their carbon footprint.
We gave businesses a way to publicise their success with a carbon footprint sky map. This would exist on the Carbon Trust main website.
IThe journey to becoming carbon neutral is a long one. Our handy online tool helped businesses break it down into key milestones. They could assign responsibility for each stage and document everything, as well as discuss measures that needed to be taken using the restricted-access bulletin board.
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