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We open on a typical crowded moving commuter train. All seats are taken.

None of the passengers are speaking with one another. Some are reading books, magazines or newspapers, some are listening to their headphones and others fiddle with their phones and tablets. There are awkward shared glances but mostly eyes are down.

We see in front of us a young woman. She is standing up holding on to the handrail above her head. She displays a certain swag style in her clothes and certainly in the way she moves. She also has a swagger to how she surfs the movement of the train. She’s clearly cool.

As we move closer towards her she raises her fist to her mouth and expels a loud cough, loud enough for a few commuters to be disturbed by it. She swallows and looks perturbed that the obstruction in her throat has not cleared. She coughs again and incurs more commuter stares as a result. She coughs a third time into both hands. The train stops in its tracks. There is silence and all eyes seem to be on her. It’s HER moment.

With her audience’s attention she transforms that third cough into an amazing human beatbox performance in which she mixes urban street sounds together with actual coughing. In fact her performance quickly cycles through all four major cough types. She starts with a tickly high hat noise, moves into a dry sounding snare drum cough, then into a chesty bass blast cough that doesn’t even sound like it came out of her and finally she climaxes into an extraordinary grinding sound mixed with the effect of a mucus cough being cleared to the beat. The rendition ends and she exhales slowly as the carriage begin their applause.

VO: However your cough sounds, we know how you feel and we’ve got exactly the right solution. We speak cough.




We speak cough because we have over 50 years experience working closely with coughs. We know everything about them -Where they come from, how they behave, but most of all what they're saying and how they make you feel.

If you can't understand what your cough is trying to tell you, don't worry because at Benylin we've heard every cough and can help translate it, tell you what type of cough it is and offer a targeted solution you can use to deal with it.

We provide the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary or Encylopaedia of coughs. Not just putting into words the sound of that wispy feeble cough you have, but giving a name and description of how it feels, what category of cough it fits into and what Benylin product you can use to get rid of it. And with the help of the public we can keep listening and create the most up-to-date reference tool for diagnosis and relief.

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