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The MyCareer planning tool makes the Bank wide open for me to plan my future around what I want out of life.


We know that some people in HSBC feel disempowered. They feel their career is at the mercy of their boss, their education, or even the fates.
The point of MyCareer is to overcome this, to put each individual within the Bank in control of their own career.

Your career, your way

Your career, your way focuses attention on the new power that MyCareer gives people to influence their future at work. It emphasises HSBC's understanding that everyone has their own aspirations, their own talents and their own approach to life. And it positions MyCareer as a response to that, enabling people to realise their potential in whatever way they choose.


There are hundreds of different careers you can pursue within HSBC. There's incredible variety. Which means that there are all different kinds of roles in which all different kinds of people can flourish. The challenge has been finding the right role amidst all that variety – but that's exactly what MyCareer has been designed to overcome.

Find your way

Find your way encourages people to value the difference they can bring to the Bank. It encourages them to reflect on the things that make them unique, and to look for ways they can make the most of their attributes. It brings to life the aptitude tests that are the functional core of MyCareer.
Above all though, Find your way emphasises that there is no set path to, or definition of, success in HSBC and that it's a bank where everyone has the opportunity to be their best.


Everyone has aspirations for their career. The difficulty sometimes is making those aspirations into concrete goals that you can work towards.
The beauty of MyCareer is that it does just that, helping people realise the range of possibilities that lie all around them in the Bank.

Discover what you can achieve

By inviting people to Discover what you can achieve, we're introducing the essential nature of MyCareer – it's mapping of people's skills against the opportunities that abound in HSBC. We're explicitly inviting people to give MyCareer a try. And through our executions we will tempt people further by
describing the reality of some of the opportunities people have experienced, reinforcing why HSBC is such a fantastic place to work.

HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
HSBC MyCareer
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